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Online Dehydration Systems

It is a well-known fact that moisture ingress into the transformer is detrimental to its life as well as operating conditions. Presence of higher than normal level of moisture will accelerate the ageing of transformer’s insulation and hence reduced life. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that moisture level in transformer insulation is kept at a lower level.

Amongst various options available for moisture removal from the transformer, many of them would require prolonged outages of transformer and considerable maintenance efforts, costs etc. In case of heavily wet transformer even a relocation of transformer to works would become a necessary in order to effectively remove the moisture.

MULTIDRY SYSTEMS online moisture removal system can be employed to ensure effective moisture removal from insulation oil as well as paper insulation. MULTIDRY SYSTEMS are integrated using either one or three numbers of completely passive cartridges. Each cartridge contains molecular sponge device (MSD) which works as an absorbent material to remove the dissolved moisture from the oil that passes through the MSD. This characteristic of MSD beads offers unique advantage as the online dehydration of moisture can be done in unattended manner for a longer duration without any risk of moisture introduction into the transformer. MULTIDRY SYSTEMS offers 2 variant MULTIDRY-3 and MULTIDRY-11 with different water absorbing capacity.


Single cartridge system with water absorbing capacity of 3.5 to 4 litres. This system is suitable for transformers having load capacity from 0.5MVA to 15 MVA.

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Three cartridge system with water absorbing capacity up to 10 to 12 litres. This system is suitable for transformers having load capacity from 10MVA to 500MVA.

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Online Moisture Monitoring System

Measurement of moisture in mineral oil or other transformer insulating oils is of paramount importance as the moisture content in dielectric at any given point of time will decide the performance of dielectric in energized transformer. Presence of water content in liquid dielectric also gives a sense of how wet is the cellulose insulation in transformer. Excess water content in insulation in transformer accelerates degradations and shortens its life and enhances maintenance efforts. Excessively wet cellulose insulation will have severely compromised BIL as well as BDV (Break down voltage) Strength. Correct assessment of moisture in insulating liquids is basic requirement of a proactive maintenance or diagnostic program. Online solution from MULTIDRY SYSTEMS ensures correct assessment of moisture in insulation oil as well as good estimation of moisture content in paper (cellulose) insulation in transformer by way of equilibrium condition of insulation within transformer.

This equilibrium condition can be monitored through installing MULTIDRY SYSTEMS online moisture monitoring system. The monitoring system is equipped with moisture sensors which continuously keep an eye on the dry-out process of the insulation, data logger, on-board display of various parameters, SCADA system for remote monitoring of dry-out process.