Our Services

Installation & Commissioning

To make a product successful it has to work as per its designed objective. And to achieve this installation and commissioning of product at site is critical. MULTIDRY SYSTEMS provides on-site Installation & Commissioning services by deputing skilled and experienced engineers.

Calibration facility

One of the key issue for the user to periodically verify PPM measurement and monitoring system in working order with guaranteed technical performance. We offer calibration of moisture monitoring system to ensure correct reporting of PPM value of water in oil as well as cellulose insulation. We offer two point or three point calibration with linearity verification.

Refurbishment of cartridges

The online dehydration process is a continuous process where the oil and water molecules are in constant touch with the MSD’s. This MSDs progressively absorbs the water molecule till they get saturated. MULTIDRY SYSTEMS offers in house facility for refurbishment of saturated cartridges.

Upgradation of Monitoring System

We also provide monitoring devise for online dry out system which do not have monitoring modules. Saturation level of cartridges cannot be identified without monitoring module which provides water content in oil at inlet and outlet of dry-out system. In absence of such system there is also a risk of over-drying of cellulose insulation.

Improving oil dielectric properties

Mineral insulating oil being organic in nature degrades gradually depending upon its exposure to atmosphere and operating conditions of transformer. With newer technologies emerging it is now possible to extend the life of mineral insulating oil by online treatment while your transformer remains in service. Multidry Systems provides special solution to address the wet windings but also enhance the performance of liquid dielectric.